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The Game

Fruits'n Tails is a fun action puzzle game. Use the tails of the monkeys Ticelli, Vince, Ludovico and Sanzio to pick up fruits in the forest and make paint with. Help the genious Leonardo Da Vinci painting his ultimate masterpiece!

Meet the Monkeys
  • Ticelli


    The shortest-tempered of the colorful monkeys has an annoying arrogant attitude and thinks he’s much more talented than the others.

  • Vince


    Smart and curious, he's the most charismatic of the colorful monkeys and brother of the troublesome Ludovico.

  • Ludovico


    The craziest of the colorful monkeys isn't exactly a brilliant mind, but that doesn't mean he's not a genious too.

  • Sanzio


    The oldest and wisest of the colorful monkeys, considered the great master among them, has devoted his entire life to the art of painting.

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